Femininity Limited as a corporate brand is more than beauty and style, it's a ministry! At our core is an enormous heart for people. We point people especially women(yea! we're partial like that) to Jesus through beauty and fashion as well as tangibly loving them by meeting their needs in the manner of our Lord Jesus but more than that, we show them how beautiful and worthy they are no matter how down and out, inadequate , or unworthy they "perceive" themselves to be.

So, its basically helping them see themselves through God's loving lens..

By the mercies of God, we do it one project per time as we start by being the change we hope to see in the world! To do this, we have partnered with Havilah Global Support Foundation, an NGO that has at its heart, a pure love for God plus a fiery passion for people(especially women) that's mutual.

We deploy means to reach orphans(especially in the area of literacy and education), prisons' inmates by sending them feminine essentials, widows, through small grants for small business startups , making food supplies available to them, and showing prostitutes a way out through education, skills acquisition and ultimately, the message of hope that we bring to them all...

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