Femininity Limited is relentlessly  committed to being the most desired beauty, style and wellness brand with a world class appeal.

We approach beauty from a wholesome perspective, profoundly understanding the synergy of beauty, style and wellness, celebrating uniqueness in all its very diverse hues, shades and forms, not conforming to an idealist standard of beauty but pursuing and championing one that is as evolving as it is authentic.

We will only be satisfied when every woman in the world sees how truly beautiful she is from the inside out.


Celebrating all shades and essence of beauty by constantly engaging in revolutionary and wholesome beauty practices, holding ourselves to the highest standards of authentic beauty as well as churning out the best, organic, world class beauty products/services that aim at not altering, but revealing a woman's best version of herself, starting with the African continent.


Alongside our mantra "All shades of beautiful..."( tenets we live by daily), are ideals and principles we uphold.

They form our core values and shape our corporate existence. At Femininity Limited, we are guided by Love, Authenticity, Respect, and Service.

LOVE: Loving like God loves. To see everyone through the loving eyes of God our Father.

AUTHENTICITY: Authentic commitment to our passion for healthy beauty practices and a constantly evolving style.

RESPECT: Respect for all, especially the complex fragility and strength vested in the woman

SERVICE: Serving God through humanity, one unique woman per time...

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