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Our luxurious japanese konjac facial sponge

A brief history of the konjac plant...

     The konjac plant is grown in the steep mountainous regions of Asia and most come from Japan, China and Indonesia. They've been used for centuries for medicinal and dietary purposes but are as good for the outside as they are for the inside.

Femininity All natural Luxurious Konjac Facial Sponge:

is made from natural and edible glucomannan fibers found in the Konjac plant's corm( the part that looks like a potato)

Our Pure Konjac variant(white) is made from nothing else but glucomannan fibers while our Infused variants(coloured) have all natural infusions such as natural clays, green tea, bamboo charcoal, to mention a few...which is directly responsible for their different colouring.

Uses and care of Femininity all natural luxurious konjac facial sponge:

• When dry, our konjac sponge resembles a volcanic rock but when you wet it, becomes soft & slippery- the perfect gentle exfoliator!  You may have to soak it for up to 15mins the first time you use it.

• Dermatologists suggest using a konjac sponge once a day.

• Can be used alone or with a cleanser/mild soap.

• Rinse sponge thoroughly after use, squeeze out excess water( don't wring or twist! ) and leave it to dry.

• Konjac sponges usually last up to 4-6 weeks. When it starts falling apart, it's time for a new one.

Benefits of Femininity all natural luxurious konjac facial sponge:

• Effective and gentle cleansing.

• Treats acne and opens clogged pores.

• Prepares skin for product absorption.

• PH balanced.

• Contains essential nutrients( minerals, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, proteins, lipids, fatty acids, copper, zinc, iron and magnesium...)

• Aids skin cell regeneration.

• Helps with sun damaged skin.

• Perfect for the whole family.

Ingredients: glucommanan fibers of the konjac plant.

Our super soft, latex free make up sponge

Femininity Satiny Finish Pro Makeup Sponge is made from raw materials sourced within the United States and is hypoallergenic and completely LATEX free!

It is a cosmetic essential that allows for an even distribution and perfect blending of cream, powder or liquid formulas into the skin without lines or streaks.

They come in Super and Ultra Softness... each so soft to the touch and lightweight.

Uses and Care of Femininity Satiny Finish Pro Makeup Sponge....

• Wet it before use. Make sure sponge isn't holding on to excess water.

• Use in Stippling or Bouncing motion instead of a sweeping or wiping motion to completely blend in and avoid streaks.

• Wash with mild soap/cleanser and air dry.

Femininity "belle femme" Luxury Hair Collection is made of 100% Virgin Remy Human hair. Remy hair is collected from hair donors and unlike other kinds of hair extensions, the hair cuticle( the outermost layer of the hair shaft or strand ) of Remy hair is not removed and extreme care is taken to make sure that they are aligned in one direction.

Femininity "belle femme" luxury hair collection is:

• Clean{no lice, no egg nits or eggshells}

• Wefted to be strong with no shedding or tangling

• Packaged in 100g/bundle

•Processed in 8-32 inches

• True to maintaining the natural colours { black & brown } of hair donated.

Femininity luxury handcrafted siberian mink fur lashes...

Ours is a luxury line of carefully handcrafted Siberian mink fur and silk lashes made with the utmost care and attention to detail... They are made to be most natural looking, fluffy and extremely light so as not to weigh down the human eyelid and produced under the strictest of hygienic conditions.

Femininity luxury handcrafted Siberian mink fur lashes are completely animal cruelty free. Mink hair used is usually taken from their tails. No barbarism of skinning animals as we are a wholesome beauty brand very concerned about animal treatment and protection.

Our lashes can be reused more than 20 times. Matter of fact, they've been known to last up to half a year...

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