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Alpha Female


Twin Fawn

Cleopatra &

Star struck

We hope you'll love them as much as we do! Launching soon!

Our Satiny Finish Pro Makeup Sponge..

Women are in for exciting makeup moments with the Femininity Satiny Finish Pro Makeup Sponge...

Bye to streaks. Blend like a pro!


Yay!!! Super exciting news!!!! Our luxurious Japanese konjac facial sponge will be launching on the website real soon! Keep an eye out! Its benefits cannot be overemphasized.

Femininity luxury handcrafted mink fur lahes...

Yay!!! We are super stoked to announce that our Luxury Handcrafted Siberian Mink and Silk Lashes just recently launched! Now it's time for intense glam...

Paraffin wax treatment bath..

Femininity Limited is extremely happy to announce the inclusion of paraffin wax treatment to our ever increasing repertoire of beauty services at our beauty locus.

There's no overemphasizing the many beauty and health benefits of paraffin wax treatment.

Beauty Benefits Of Paraffin Wax Treatment:

Pore cleansing: A hot wax treatment will open up blocked pores.

Exfoliation: Paraffin wax removes the top layer of dead skin to give the cells beneath a chance to come to the surface and breathe.

Skin rejuvenation: The treatment softens and hydrates skin. Wow!

Repairs skin damage: Dry and cracked skin, especially callused heels and feet, benefit from this therapy.

Moisturises skin: The wax creates a barrier between your skin and the big, bad world outside, trapping moisture and keeping your skin soft and radiant.

Relaxes muscles: A hot wax therapy increases blood flow, helping muscles relax and reducing an overall stiffness.

Created by CILAN Creatives